This Blog is for members to express their views good and bad about First Baptist Church of Canton.  The intent of this blogger is to start a dialogue between members.  This is not a site to spread hate or rumors.  Hate and name calling will not be tolerated.  As the administrator, I have the right to censor any or all post.   These posts are not about the person posting.  I respect the right for someone to post something without disclosing their name.  Many that have emailed are concerned how other members would treat them if they speak out.  Honestly, that is the main purpose of this site is to give a forum that people can speak honestly without fear.  Most importantly, members feel that in the past their only choice is to shut up and accept it or go somewhere else.  To me, this is heart breaking and the reason I risk my membership to speak out.


The Voice of FBC Canton


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  1. Pastor Chris says:


    I’m a youth pastor in Virginia who was looking into the church in order to learn more about it. My wife and I have begun praying about finding a ministry that is reaching all ages, not just youth. Before sending a resume to a church, I want to be sure that it is a ministry, and not a social group. Therefore, I began my search about FBC Canton. There is much that I had already learned before stumbling across this site. I don’t know much of the history of the church. I don’t know any of the staff members. I’ve never visited. However, my heart was deeply grieved when I read these posts. Obviously, there are deep seated issues in this membership that are dividing the body of Christ. Regardless of who’s to blame, when is the spirit of unity ever optional? Doesn’t Paul state in 1 Cor. when speaking to a church that is dysfunctional, “why not just rather be wronged?”

    This is a message that I use to speak to teenagers all the time. When faced with teenage drama, doesn’t the mature believer have the responsibility of simply being wronged? Didn’t Jesus get wronged?

    I understand the basis for the site – allowing people to share what is important to their hearts. But for me as an outsider, this site is borderline sin. I’m convinced that this was not the intent of the originator.

    Pastor Chris

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